Towards joint management of the transboundary Gauja/Koiva river basin district


A modern businessman is a strategic and long-term planner, considering the least possible damage to the environment and the most efficient use of natural resources.

Good quality water in sufficient amounts is one of the prerequisites for developing production or providing services. Therefore, it is necessary to support and implement environmentally friendly solutions to reduce the entity’s impact on the surrounding environment. It is important to set high standards in the entity itself as well as for cooperation partners and implement up-to-date approaches and technologies, cooperate with scientists, and communicate to various stakeholders.

There are samples of several activities to protect the environment and water resources:

  • build biological waste treatment plants and repeatedly use water in the production cycle;
  • discharge waste water only after proper treatment;
  • collect waste paper and give it for paper production to save forests and energy, as well as reduce the emissions to the air and water during the processing of cellulose;
  • develop and implement integrated management schemes according to the standards for management and environmental quality (ISO), as well as food safety;
  • act safely with hazardous chemicals, if possible – replace them with less hazardous;
  • realize, assess and monitor possible environmental risks;
  • rise environmental awareness of the employees to act properly every day and in a case of emergency.

For evaluation of the sustainability of the entity, it is possible to use Sustainability Index - it is a strategic management tool based on global methodology, to help Latvian enterprises determining their sustainability and corporate responsibility. It also sets objective criteria for the society, as well as public and non‑governmental organizations to praise and support the enterprises contributing to a long-term sustainability of Latvian economy, environment, and society.

Meanwhile, “Zaļā josta” Ltd.  offers cooperation in ensuring full management cycle, starting from fulfilling legal requirements in order to obtain 100% tax exemption from the Natural Resources Tax for the company for used packaging, environmentally harmful products and/or electric and electronic appliances to management of waste including collection, recycling and regeneration thus providing a caring attitude towards environment.

The strategic environmental target of an entity should be ensuring long term sustainable development according to environmental protection requirements and related legislation by taking care about technical and strategic improvements.