Towards joint management of the transboundary Gauja/Koiva river basin district

Invitation to the seminar on „Mapping of Locals needs to use Water Resources“ (15.05.2012)

Seminar on „Mapping of Locals needs to use Water Resources“

and joint river cleaning

Koiva (in Latvian – Gauja) basin is one of the picturesque river basins in Latvia and Estonia. It is rich not only with nature values, but it also provides necessary water resources for daily needs, economic activities, as well as provide different opportunities for recreation at water.  As Koiva and part of its tributaries is common for both neighbouring countries, it is important that inhabitants and representatives of different interest groups across the border are jointly discussing how and how wise we are using the water recourses, what improvements are necessary are needed in future and how to carry it out.

Therefore the Baltic Environmental Forum in cooperation with Latvian Environmental Protection Club and Latvian Anglers Association are pleased to invite you to participate in the joint seminar for the local inhabitants of borderland of Estonia and Latvia: “Mapping of local needs to use Water Resources” and join to the Vaidava river cleaning activity!

Event will be held on 15-16 June, 2012, in Kubija Hotel & Nature Spa, Võru, Estonia (Männiku 43a, phone: +372 786 6000, and the program is planned as fallows:

  • June 15 – first day - the seminar day with presentations and discussions about the use of water resources in the Gauja river basin as well as about the main problems, involvement of society and possible solutions, e.g., river basin management plan;
  • June 16 – second day – all participants are invited to join the river cleaning near the border of Estonia-Latvia (Vaidava river closed to the Ape town).  Vaidava is river which starts from Murati lake (the lake shared between Estonia and Latvia), then cranking and meandering in the Aluksne highland, Latvia  and after flowing via Ape town, it flows in Estonia, and falls in Mustjogi river which is one of the most important tributaries in the upstream of Gauja river.

We are pleased to invite local inhabitants, representatives from municipalities, NGOs, environmental experts, representatives from project partner institutions, mass media and all other interested parties. Languages of the meeting: Estonian and Latvian.

For participants catering and accommodation (in twin rooms) at the meetings will be covered as well as transport and means of cleaning. Please wear comfortable clothes for cleaning.
If you are interested to participate in the seminar – please apply:
In Estonia: Ms. Sandra Oisalu (Baltic Environmental Forum-Estonia), tel. +372 659 7027, e-mail:  
In Latvia: Ms. Māra Melnbārde (Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia), tel. + 371 6735 7553, e-mail:

Registration is open until June 4th!