Towards joint management of the transboundary Gauja/Koiva river basin district


Green schools, eco-schools, associations of young farmers, „green” non-governmental organisations – these are the main possibilities of participating and being involved in activities helping us to understand, take care and improve our common environment. Also, expeditions, joint clean-up actions, campaigns, interactive events and summer schools are the ways for everyone how to get involved and improve knowledge on the environment and its protection – including water and its resources.

Also, the region of the Gauja river basin offers opportunities to join different environmental protection activities:

Eco-schools – pretty popular movement in Latvian schools during last years. In the frame of this movement, the youth has opportunity not only to join or organise different events related to environmental protection, but also improve understanding of general laws of nature, because schools integrate environmental questions in every subject. More information about eco-schools in Latvia.

Different actions, competitions, summer schools, green classes, joint clean-up actions are organised by many organisations. Very often the information and invitations are sent to schools but very extensive information is also available on the internet. Of course, you have to think what you really want to do and in which topic you’re more interested: water? consumption? energy? climate change? The youth policy portal currently gathers not only the most recent information about youth policy and youth opportunities, but has also become an interactive online support and information resource to the young third-country nationals.

Voluntary job – everyone can be a volunteer and it may be gainfully as well. It’s possible to do something good for the environment and nature, obtain experience, and do something interesting or just be together with the same minded people. At present, it is very popular to go abroad for voluntary job. It is a nice way how to become acquainted with other countries and their culture, but is also possible to volunteer at home without missing school or studies. In Latvia, you can find more in the portal

Project development by you yourself- it is possible for everyone. If you have a project idea, at the beginning it is advisable is to speak to the youth organisation at your school or municipality. Quite possible that you will find there people with the same or similar ideas or with the needed experience, and you will develop your project quicker and more successful. For example, the Estonia-Latvia programme supports the cross border cooperation between different stakeholders from the both countries. In the frame of this programme, various projects had been or are being implemented with the participation of young people – it is a great chance to work together in art classes, participate in education activities or even organise joint music concerts. More information: